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It is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials toaid in construction, maintainance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man made structures.

Cup lock system

It is a temporary network of frames used to support workers during construction or renovation of a structure.It is unique in that it provides a way to link four horizontal bars together at once at a central joint.

It reduces assembly time, simple to erect, fully systemized, can eliminate tube and loose fittings.

Method of Connection – The principle feature of DDM is the unique method of connecting horizontals to verticals in one single action without use of nuts, bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to verticals and a sliding upper cup is moved down and rotated by hammer blow to give a positive and regid connection.

Verticals – Cup lock verticals are provided in seven basic sizes with cup joints welded at 500mm or 1000mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are malleable casting which endure rough site handling, while the fixed bottom cups are passed from high quality steel.

Horizontals – The Cup-lock system utilizes a carefully selected range of sizes to meet the varried demands of grids in general support of formwork. Many of these can also be used for access structure. Each has forged blade ends with the minimum projection to resist site damage.

Tubular Scaffolding System

It is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubesand clamps. The verticals tubes are connected to the horizontal tubes using right angle clamps, Diagonal tubes are also connected to the scaffold using swiwel clamps to add stability to thee structure. Tube and clamp is among the most labor-intensive of all scaffolding applications. It is generally used only when high capacity, unlimited adaptibility and versatility are needed.

  • Light weight, combing with ample rigidity.
  • Rigid, easy and quick to errect.
  • Reduce time and timber cost.
  • Ideally suited for slab, repair paint, chimney work, inside and outside plastering.

Heavy Duty Telescopic Steel Props

Roll threaded / Cut threaded Props are manufactured from top quality ERW steel tubes confirming to IS:1161/1239 grades YST22. Sturdy (150X150X6)mm head and foot plates welded on inner of (40NB)M & outer (50NB)M members having matching holes for fastening of props on top of each other to gain additional heights. Nail holes provided on Head and Foot plates for nailing runners/bearers on to props.

Adjustable Span

  • Light weight with total rigidity for longer life.
  • Reduce time and timber cost.
  • Gives excellent concrete finish.
  • Easy to storage and transport.

Scaffolding Accessories

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