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DDM Suncraft Solar System Pvt. Ltd.(since 2013), is a firmly constituted visionary company of DDM Groups, established in 2010,in Photovoltaic Generator, Street light(LED/CFL),Solar water pump , Solar water heater manufacturing . Business with primary objective of providing reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy and to serve countries and its people, curious to get associated with renewable energy sector for their need of power consumption through eco-friendly.

DDM Suncraft willing to leverage its core competency in qualitative manufacturing of PV inverter to create a world class PV inverter manufacturing facility. The current strategy of company is to nourish multiple technology platforms and to achieve economies of scale to be able to drive down the costs of the technology and make it more affordable to customers globally. Company has its state of art manufacturing facility at Chakan, pune, India, equipped with R & D cell and testing lab to produce custom designed.

Advantages Of Solar System

  • Super Efficient & absolutely in public Interest.
  • Crest of the curve technology.
  • Power saving.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Easy for operation.

An I S O 9 0 0 1:2 0 0 8 certified company.

  • Maharashtra Energy Development Agency(MEDA)
  • Central Power Research Institute(CPRI)
  • MNRE
  • ELCA Laboratories.
  • SME
Product Range

  • Solar Generator : 100w,200w,500w,1kva,2kva,3kva,5kva,10kva.
  • Solar AC Street Light : 9w,11w,20w,32w,40w.
  • Solar DC Street Light : 9w,11w,20w,32w,40w
  • Solar Water Pump : 3hp,5hp,7hp,10hp.
  • Solar Water Heater : 100 LPD ,200 LPD, 300LPD, 500LPD
Solar Water Pump

  • Microcontroller based design for accuracy.
  • IGBT based switching.
  • Available in wide range 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP.
  • Under voltage & over voltage protection.
  • Range of Product _ 3hp,5hp,7hp,10hp.
  • Rugged construction.
  • LCD display.
  • IGPT system so system is robust.
  • Display shows all input & output voltage, current & motor RPM. No battery required Easy to operate & maintain. Long operating life.
  • Output voltage 3 phase 415V AC sine wave +/-5% Motor standard speed 1500 RPM.
  • PWM technology for converting solar DC to 3 phase AC conversion with 95% efficiency
Solar Power Inverter / Generator

  • Rugged to withstand any climatic conditions.
  • Silent operation for noise free environment.
  • Absolutely pollution free power for greener environment.
  • Easy to handle, compact & portable system.
  • Modular system for easy set up.
  • Reduce the electricity bill.
  • Extremely Economical for sustained continuous operation.
  • Very easy to Maintain for hassle free operation.
  • Long term reliability, easy to install.
  • Highly efficient for maximum energy utilization.
  • Microcontroller Based.
  • Efficiency is 90%.
Solar water Heater

  • Type of Collector : ETC
  • Number of tubes : 10, 20, 30, 50.
  • Frame angle : 30 degrees.
  • Inner tank materials : Stainless Steel 316L grade.
  • Tank Volume : 100 Ltr. – 500 Ltr.
  • Fabricated Stand : MS Powder Coated.
Solar Street Light

  • Automatic operations of luminary .
  • LED Based/CFL Based.
  • Extremely Economical for sustained continuous operation
  • Very easy to Maintain for hassle free operation.
  • Long term reliability, easy to install.
  • Highly efficient for maximum energy utilization.

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